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We asked and you delivered! From Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 to Dvořák's New World Symphony, check out what fellow students are listening to – and why not attend a concert inspired by their favourites? Have a look through our concert recommendations on this page!


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“Where there are dreams, love and inspiration, you can't go wrong" said Ella Fitzgerald, the ‘Lady of Song’. You’ve landed in the right place with this playlist designed to gently encourage you to paint the walls of your imagination with new colours. We start gently with idyllic pastoral scenes by Grieg, Strauss and Elgar before moving to a more soulful atmosphere in the company of three German greats: Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. We then let our emotions flow freely with some of music’s most beautiful depictions of rivers, crescendo-ing into a final symphonic cascade. Whatever your background, project and aspiration this season, one thing is for certain: this playlist will inspire you to open the doors of the concert hall and make memories that will lift you up for a lifetime.

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Be it a new year, a new term or a new essay, starting up can feel a bit like finding yourself in front of a music stand, holding your breath before raising the baton... In this playlist, the great composers join forces to help you find your flow. After discovering some of the most excitingly lyrical pieces in musical history, we let the Romantics awaken our inner superheroes before giving us a majestic choral send-off. From Beethoven to Bernstein, the epic overtures and grand orchestral pages we’ve selected for you are the ideal accompaniment to a productive day. What are you waiting for? Pack up your bag, pick up your pen and press play. You should then be ready to open the doors to the concert hall!

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In his early 20s, Sergei Rachmaninov fell into a period of depression and suffered a creative drought after his First Symphony was mercilessly slashed by critics. His triumphant Second Piano Concerto, composed three years later, tells a story we can all relate to: an even brighter sun shines behind the clouds and our failures only make us stronger. Personal and cathartic, the pieces gathered in this playlist are emotional crescendos that celebrate the incredible fruitfulness of life’s trials, whose overcoming gets us walking taller. Expect powerful dynamics, poignant vocals, plenty of brass and a rush of endorphins that will leave you wowed for some time afterwards. Browse through the concerts on the right-hand side of your screen once you’re done listening to keep the magic going.

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Did you know that music has been a form of meditation for centuries? For thousands of years, religions around the world have relied on singing as a form of prayer and introspection. To help you take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we’ve put together this selection of meditative vocal music. From Christian responsories and motets, to contemporary wonders such as Ola Gjeilo's ‘Serenity’, this playlist travels the centuries to offer you the soundscape you need to nurture your heart and soul. Take a look at the list of concerts on the right to extend your musical mindfulness session.

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Feeling weary after a long day? Relax with this soothing playlist. We begin with slow, gentle movements from large orchestral pieces. We explore the galaxy with Neptune, the moon and the clouds, before coming back down to Earth to listen to the beautiful sound of the cello with two sonatas. Finally, we slip into a state of deep relaxation to the sound of Brahms’ waltzes and Chopin's piano concertos. Then, crawl under the duvet to the sound of a Nocturne and your worries have flown away! Before you drift off, check out the list of concerts on the right, to experience the soothing power of live music with London's finest orchestras.


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‘Don’t worry, be happy!’ Take your daily dose of happiness by listening to music. Scientists have shown that listening to music stimulates the release of dopamine - the happiness hormone - in the brain. So check out this playlist of joyful music that will put a smile on your face from the very first notes of Vivaldi's ‘Spring’. We then merrily skip from dances to concertos and end with Edward Elgar's ‘Pomp and Circumstance’. If you want to revel in the excitement of the audience, check out the list of feel-good concerts on the right of your screen!

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Studying for your next exam, applying for your next job, writing, reading, cooking, repeat… Our lives are full of effort. So, the last thing we want when we turn to the world of culture or entertainment in search of a new sensation is to have to add one more item to that somewhat laborious list! Don’t fret: this selection will help you quench your curiosity without venturing out of your comfort zone. Harmonious, easy to listen to and delightfully addictive, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve known these pieces your whole life… And indeed, the one thing you’ll want to do once you’re done listening is to run to one of the concerts listed on the right to get to know them better!  

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A ‘70s’-themed party on your birthday, a spooky ghost train, your favourite dish from the café, a rapturous panoramic view at the end of a long hike in the mountains… You probably have a clear idea of what would make a good surprise! Now: translate that into music and prepare yourself for a playlist which is truly outside-the-box. Your favourite composers and some lesser-known names inspire you to get out of your comfort zone by showing you their most unconventional side. A string quartet for the organ? A dissonant ragtime? A gathering of witches? A wink from the heavens? Be our guest and take your pick! One thing is certain: this selection will shake you up and leave you longing for your next musical kick.

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“Challenge yourself, it’s the only path which leads to growth” - Morgan Freeman. If you too can hear Freeman's stentorian voice echoing inside your head, there's only one way to go. Accept the challenge of this unpredictable and demanding playlist, which gathers some of the most daring musical experiments of the previous centuries! Have you ever flipped the pages of the 500 year-old Milliare Songbook, sat next to Max Reger during one of his wild organ improvisations or listened to Thomas Adès torpedo everything you thought you knew about the symphony? Listen to our playlist and venture out into the world of boundary-breaking programmes our orchestras have prepared for you this year. No doubt you’ll have more than a good story to tell your friends after listening.!

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Velvet curtains, rich tapestries and the light from a beautiful candelabra... in this cosy and intimate setting, a chamber music ensemble has settled in and will charm you with quartets, quintets and other works. Named as such because the small, intimate ensemble had to fit into one of the palace chambers, chamber music has been described as the "music of friends". It is true that this style of music is like a conversation between friends. Take part by listening to this selection of top chamber ensembles and by getting your tickets for one of the concerts on the right of your screen.

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Looking for a magical and unforgettable experience? You are in the right place! In this playlist, discover the most famous operatic and orchestral classical music. We open with the overture from Bizet’s ‘Carmen’. We then explore moments from opera - the ‘Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’ in Nabucco, 'Voi, che sapete' from ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, sprinkled with famous symphonic movements and ballet. From ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’, to Handel’s ‘Hallelujah Chorus’, rediscover the most famous music from the classical period with London's finest orchestras. Listening to these masterpieces in a live concert will be unforgettable, so book your tickets now from the list on the right of your screen!

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Dare to meet the orchestras that recorded the soundtracks from the most iconic films and video games of our time? London is the place to be! In this playlist, we start with the action film ‘Apocalypse Now’ and Wagner's ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ before taking a trip to the galaxy. After escaping Darth Vader, we continue our fantasy adventure at Hogwarts with Harry Potter. With a wave of his wand, we leave Hogsmeade, and land at MI6 with James Bond. 007 even invites you to London for a prestigious concert of your choice - book your tickets from the list on the right of your screen!